Welcome to Your Escape Kit

Welcome to our solopreneur treasure chest of gifts and goodies from our Escape Plan Web Show Experts.  Choose the gifts you would like an enjoy :)  Keep checking this page, we'll be adding more resources to the vault through out our web show season.

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Meredith Eisenberg &
Jasper Blake

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Ellen Finkelstein

Change the World

Jena Rodriguez

Brave Masters

Michele Scism

Decisive Minds

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Michelle Schaeffer

Girl Blogger Next Door


What is your ESCAPE Plan?

As a thank you for supporting our show, we are offering a limited number of 30 minute mini-brainstorming sessions.  We'll learn about you and your goals and give you a "back of the napkin" plan for your next steps.  (If that step is working with us - we'll let you know that too.) 

No strings attached here.  We simply want to get to know you better to help us create future shows. 

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