Use Facebook and Active Campaign to Reach More Customers


Congratulations on purchasing this lesson on creating custom Facebook audiences from prospects who have opted in to one of your Active Campaign lists.

This is a prime area where businesses leave money on the table. We all know that it takes multiple touch points before a prospect takes enough notice of your messaging to take action. People are already interested in what you have to offer, otherwise they wouldn't be on your email list! They may have been through your follow up sequence and still not purchased.

Now you can target them specifically by adding them to a custom audience in Facebook and targeting them for Facebook ads based on what they are interested in.  Not only are these ads more targeted, but as a custom audience they are cheaper. Target them to a direct purchase, or a phone (sales) call.

Given the price point of the product or service you are trying to sell them, how many of these 'non-buyers' would you need to convert in order to create an extra $1000, $2000, $5000 dollars in your business? That's what this tactic is designed to do - AND automatically. 

VIDEO #1. Intro - Why Use Custom Audiences

In this video, you'll discover why you should integrate Active Campaign with Facebook. 


VIDEO #2. Integrating Active Campaign and Facebook Ads

This video is all about the tech: discover how to get your Active Campaign account talking to your Facebook Ads Manager


VIDEO #3. Add Active Campaign Contacts to Custom Audiences

In this video, you'll discover how add a contact from Active Campaign to an existing custom audience.


VIDEO #4.  Moving Your Contacts in and Out of Facebook Custom Audiences

In this video, you'll learn how to automatically add and remove your contacts from Facebook custom audiences based on their actions in Active Campagin.


VIDEO #5.  Using Your Custom Audience Segments in Active Campaign

In this final video, you'll learn how to segment your contacts in Active Campaign based on their Facebook Custom Audience 


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