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We are delighted to have you join us in our Get-it-done Group for Online Business Owners. You will soon be receiving an email that has all the details in terms of both joining AND participating in our Group Coaching.  If you don't see it the next few minutes please check your Promotions tab and/or your Spam Folder - there's important info in there that you will want to know about!

In the meantime, look out for an invite via email to join the private chat room on Zoom that is exclusive to Get-It-Done Group Coaching members.  And we look forward to seeing you on the calls!

Meredith & Jasper

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Huge Shift - Are You Being Left Behind?

There is currently a huge shift going on in the online business world, a shift that is being driven by the evolution of consumers and consumer expectations that has really taken place in only the last couple of years.

It is what we call the “Netflix difference”...

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