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You Don't Want More Information - You Want Results!

All our clients are superb at what they do, what they have to offer to their clients and customers, but the marketing and the tech side of running a business just drives them crazy! They just hate doing it - so they either persevere and do it badly, or they avoid doing it at all.

Then they start running out of clients.

SO - they look at all the Facebook Ads showing all the things they should be doing to have a successful business...

... and then just get stuck -

Because (in reality), as a solopreneur, it is impossible to do all things they say you should be doing - right?

Weekly blog posts - and Youtubes - and guesting on people's podcasts - and keeping up with Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter - Ahhhhhhhhh!  NO!

No - you don't.

We want to provide you with the simplest system we can - make it as automated as we can - to bring you a steady, controlled, and predictable number of clients that you need to be bringing in real revenue each and every month


Why What Everyone Teaches Won't Work For Beginners

What a lot of the experts are teaching nowadays is that for any kind of business that is relating a person's expertise, in whatever subject, (which is the case for a lot of clients we work with), the simple formula is

Facebook Ads to drive traffic > webinar > a phone call > sale.

Businesses that sell products are slightly different - but not much in terms of the business validation process.

Others will tell you need a proper website, branding, a plan for content and social media, you need to build an email list and have autoresponders with a nurture sequence - and on and on. 


What they don't tell you is that none of these systems will work if you don't have a validated business offer and process, and have a case study to demonstrate the success you have had with other people.

That is why our process is different -
and why we can really hack someone's business when they are in the early stages.

We walk you through a validation process, generated through calls to people you already know,
that leads to creating that case study,
and which helps in creating your offer, your messaging and your sales scripts.  

Only then can you look at creating a webinar -
which in turn needs to show that it can attract visitors
and entice people to schedule a call with you -
only then do you look at Facebook ads - because then you know it will work.
KNOWING it will work is what will give you a controllable, predictable and scalable business.

Here's what solopreneurship is like for  lot of people

Much of the time it is a rollercoaster of ups and downs.
But it doesn't have to be that way.

What if you had someone to lead you along the path to success?

Imagine what your life would be like if you had all of this handled...

Your marketing and customer service is largely automated. Your ideal clients can find you and seek out your expertise, while your customers feel well taken care of and love working with you. 

Your business works like a well-oiled machine - and you spend most of your workday doing what you do best. At 3 am, you are not Googling anything…. You are sound asleep dreaming of your island vacation which you’ve planned for next month.

What if you had a step-by-step path to that outcome?

What if you had a community of people who encourage and support you every step of the way?

What if you had one-on-one expert support to give you practical help and guidance when you needed it?

What if - when the fear and the overwhelm start to creep up on you - and it always does when you are tackling something new and life-changing - what if you had someone to help you overcome the fear?

That's what we offer - to the right kind of client.


So Who Do We work With?

Do you need big changes to happen in your life and business - right now? 

Are you 40+ and looking to escape from the tyranny of "the job"? 

Do you have the skills or knowledge (value) to offer to an audience? 

Is your business - or business idea - based on reaching an audience mainly online?

Have you a strong and researched business idea but have yet to get started? Or maybe have started but are one or two years in and have got stuck and are not making the income you envisaged?

Then we can help you make those changes happen. 

Although we do work with people younger than 40+ we find that most of the people we end up working with are in that 40+ age range. We are in that age range, so we naturally have an affinity with what are clients are going through and what they are trying to do.

Increasingly, a lot of people are finding the corporate lifestyle lacking in creativity and passion, too demanding on time and lifestyle.  A lot of people 50 and over are turning to starting a business, either because they are not ready to retire or want to earn extra money in retirement. [See]

However, a lot of people in that age range also have problems when it comes to understanding the technology needed to create a business online. That is why, unlike most coaching programs, we provide individual - and, if necessary, hands-on - help (see below). 

Our Method For Creating An Outcome For You

The number one thing we learned coaching for a well-know Inc 500 company's Mastery program was "keep it simple" - as we encourage you to do - we offer this one program - 90 days coaching with another 90 days of support for just $4997, to build a solid foundation for a thriving business. That's it - no more video classes, no more courses and e-books - that's not what you need. You need an outcome - and that means working one-on-one - and at that price it is a bargain!

Essentially, there are four elements to our program:

  1. A Step-by-Step Approach - so you have a visible path to the result you are looking for and can proceed along that path one step at a time so it doesn't get overwhelming.
  2. One-on-One Support - we don't just give you a bunch of information and then send you off to work it all out - we are there with you every step of the way. You get regular calls via Zoom, feedback on homework, walk through videos if you get stuck on the tech, we'll even get in there and help hands-on if that what it takes to get you the result.
  3. Community - we have a dedicated Facebook Group for everyone who is coaching with us, so you have support from your peers and can motivate each other when you need it.
  4. The Mental Game - Fear and overwhelm are inevitable when you are trying to do something this life-changing. You are learning and growing every step of the way and it can be intense, especially if you have been used to  different routine for a long time. We are here to nurture you through that growth. It is an important part of the process, because without that support, many would-be successful businesses end up failing.

There are two broad principles we work to:

The first is the 6 Step of our ESCAPE Plan as outlined in our of the same name - namely:
E = Explore – What should you be doing, or not doing, as a business – what will work for you?
S = Serve – who are the people your business will serve – who will be happy to pay for your product or service?
C = Create – Your product or service, and the platform through which people can find you and buy from you.
A = Amplify – How get yourself known in the wider world so you can reach more customers.
P = Perfect – How you can perfect your processes and systems so you can serve more customers.
E = Expand – How you can leverage your business beyond what you can do yourself.

For clients just starting out, we really concentrate on the first 3 steps, validating your positioning, offer, messaging, path to your client, and sales scripting for when you get that call. That is plenty for 90 - 180 days. But stick with us for round 2 and we'll happily take you through the rest! 🙂

The second principle is -' keep it simple'.  We start with a plan - a simple plan - based on the minimum you need to bring in clients and enables you to grow your business in a controlled way. We don't want you to end up with a ton of daily tasks that just ends up sucking the life energy from you - that's what you are trying to leave behind!

  • We help you establish yourself as an authority in your field. Your prospect will see that you know your stuff, can help them overcome their problem - because they can see you have helped others successfully, and that they will be spending their money wisely.
  • We show you how you can build a 'know, like and trust' relationship with your prospective clients.
  • We show you how to charge what you are worth.
  • We give you a roadmap to creating a business that will enable you to live life on your terms. You will have a business that YOU own - it doesn't own YOU!

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying…

Meredith is not only one of the best marketers I know, she is also one of the most tech savvy people I know. She not only helps to develop strategy – she knows how to hook all the online moving pieces together to make the whole process run smoothly.”

Michele Scism Decisive Minds

Meredith walked us through a clear, step by step process that solved a problem I have had forever: how to structure my blog posts as a unified whole so they get my message out in a systematic and effective way. Meredith’s feedback on my “blogging map” gave me some very insightful ideas on how to engage my audience on a deeper level. Meredith showed me how to craft my message in a way that educates people and gets them to see the value of what I am offering. Thanks, Meredith!”

Sandra Comacho The Inner Wealth System

So… are you ready to finally create a business that works *for* you?
If you are interested in finally putting an end to the overwhelm and wheel-spinning, email me now to get started.

Let’s Do This!