Do you feel like you are always marketing but not getting results?

Do you have shiny object syndrome?

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    Does it feel like you are constantly shooting out new marketing tactics hoping that one of them will work?
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    Are you spending more time trying to "make connections on social media" than talking to your own family?
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    Does even the thought of "getting your act together" and creating a marketing plan seem REALLY overwhelming?

Hi, we're Meredith Eisenberg and Jasper Blake, the Solo Biz Hackers.  We're here to help you HACK your business to create a shortcut to more 

clients with a lot less work. 

Can You Really Build a Successful Solo Business in Just 2 Hours A Day?

The answer is YES... even if you are just starting out.  The key to getting more done in less time is to be focused.  What we've learned from helping dozens of clients find success is that most people are NOT focused.   They spend a lot of time *thinking* about what's next rather than taking the next step. 

This is how Shiny Object Syndrome Starts...  You get a great idea for a new product.  You want to roll up your sleeves and get started right away.  So, you start Googling ALL the different ways to market your program.  And, some of them are free.  So, you get started.  And... then (after a week - or sometimes even a day) they aren't working... so you try something else...  Then, you get an email from a coach you admire with a whole new system - so you try that.   At the end of the month, you've tried 5 different methods and none have worked (because you likely haven't given them the time to be successful). 

How do I know all this?  Believe me I've been there...

Don't Do This...

It took us years in business before we realized that I was my own worst enemy when it came to creating a business that actually made a profit.   We spent time hopping from one idea to another, giving up *just* before things started to bloom.  And then feeling embarrassed when our coach was shocked that we gave up when we were right on the edge of success.  

Without help and guidance, you can spend years "lost in Google" trying to figure out how to finally create a solid business model and marketing plan that brings you money.  Most people give up after a few years of trying.  It can seem easier to "give up" and go back to your job where you don't need to worry about knowing what to do next. 


Skip the "Learning Curve" And Do What Works 

We learned the hard way how important it is to have a fast and focused marketing plan.  The problem is creating the plan often seemed more overwhelming than all of the marketing to-dos on our list.  We would sign up for BIG classes on how to create a "life-changing" plan.  We would end up with hours and hours of videos to watch,  Facebook groups to interact in, and webinars to attend.  We were no closer to creating a plan that worked for us than when we started. 

We were making it too complicated.

One day, after giving up on yet another business idea with tons of potential and little ROI, we had an epiphany...  we were making this way TOO difficult.  We made a conscious decision to simplify...  and our business grew.

We decided that we needed to share what we are doing with you.

​Are you ready to finally jump off the hamster wheel and start enjoying your business again?  

You Need: 

Isn't it time to jump off that hamster wheel once and for all...   We'll teach you how to create a plan you can work from in hours instead of weeks.  Here's how we've made it easy for you.

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    Listen the material when it is convenient for you: The five modules are presented as short 20 minute audios - perfect for the car or gym. 
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    Implement what you've learned using our easy to understand class worksheets. 
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    Avoid the "marketing overwhelm": Stop the 'multitasking', the chasing of shiny objects, and focus on ONE goal at a time! 

Here's what people are saying about us...

Start Getting Results In Your Business Today.

Yes, Meredith and Jasper... I am ready to get off the marketing hamster wheel and create simple plan that will get results for my business.  

I understand that as a class member, I'll get:

  • 5 short audio modules that will take me step by step through the planning process.  The modules are short and sweet.  I can listen to them in the car, in the gym or whenever I have time.
  • Worksheets to make implementing the concepts in the modules easy.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Meredith & Jasper

Solo Biz Hackers

​More about us...

Meredith Eisenberg and Jasper Blake have over 25 years combined experience helping solopreneurs create thriving businesses. They co-hosted a top rated podcast - Paycheck to Passion.  They now take the lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs and apply them to their work helping solopreneurs create a thriving business.  They are also co-authors of The ESCAPE Plan book.

We'll teach you how to:

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    Identify the key steps involved in creating a Rapid Results Marketing Plan that will reduce stress and achieve quick success for one goal at a time.

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    Define the essentials that form the foundation for your success, including your core values, your most profitable products and services, your best customers, and your Unique Value Proposition

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    Identify your top-priority marketing goal for your business, based on your biggest challenges and your foundation for success – whether it’s related to sales, lead generation, or brand awareness - or some other challenge that’s been holding you back

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    Select a single marketing strategy to focus on for rapid results in the next three months, based on how much you’re willing to spend, what is easiest to implement right away, what you already know works, what you’ve wanted to do for a while, or what is the next level to something that has already been successful

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    Specify the critical elements necessary for successful implementation of the strategy you selected, including top measures you’ll track, resources you’ll need, top tasks to complete, and regular follow-up dates

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    Communicate the top goal, priorities, and responsibilities to members of your team through a written plan and guidelines, so that everyone is informed and no one gets overwhelmed or distracted by non-essential tasks.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


P.S.  How much time are you spending on marketing now?  Are you getting good results from all the time you spend learning new tactics or wondering what to do next?  Now, is the time to give up on shiny object syndrome and create a plan that works.

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