Are you leaving money on the table in your business?

Kristin Thompson

I left with a ROCKIN, actionable, marketing plan that addressed my specific needs. The ideas and strategies weren’t just good, they were “on brand”, strategic, HIGH IMPACT and easy-to-implement. If you are blessed to have the opportunity work with Meredith GO FOR IT and IT WILL PAY YOU BACK TENFOLD!”

What We'll Do During Your Mini Funnel Audit

Have you ever been afraid to schedule a "free call" because deep down you know that you won't get value from the call and instead will be pitched on services you can't afford?

This is NOT that call... 

There is nothing for sale on this call.  We are offering these calls because we want to get to know our market better.  If, after the call, you want to explore working with us, we'll schedule another call to discuss that.

We'll Get Started Before The Call

When you click the button to book your call, you'll get taken to a questionnaire that will ask you about your business, current funnel and lead generation efforts.  We'll take a peek and come to the call with some suggestions.

We'll Talk and Plan

During our 30 minute video call, we'll review what we've learned so far.  We'll share 2-3 "low-hanging fruit" hacks for plugging up your "leaky" funnel and coach you through implementing them.

You'll Get More Leads with Less Effort

Armed with your simple funnel hacks customized for your business, you'll be able to spend less time "feeding the tech monster" and more time enrolling new clients.

About Jasper & Meredith - Solo Biz Hackers

Meredith and Jasper have been helping entrepreneurs tame the tech overwhelm and create businesses that work for them for over 10 years each! From coming up with basic strategy to untangling and simplifying your funnels, we’ve been there and done that. We bring a “one-two punch” of mad technical skills (Meredith is certified in numerous platforms including Active Campaign) to help clients make good money doing good things in the world. 


For our “day job”  we are coaches for an Inc. 500 company that helps companies of all sizes generate leads via social media.  We both are passionate about helping seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion create businesses to help them end up on the “right side” of the economy so they can develop the skills to always earn money without depending on employment.

Here's What People Have to Say...


Meredith walked us through a clear, step by step process that solved a problem I have had forever: how to structure my blog posts as a unified whole so they get my message out in a systematic and effective way. 


Meredith did a fabulous job reviewing my sales page. I do this for my coaching clients, but it’s awfully hard to do it for myself! Meredith gave me some great suggestions, and my sales page went from fairly good to GREAT!”


Meredith & Jasper listened to what I had to say and helped me get started in a new direction in my business.  I could not have done it without their coaching.


"Meredith and Jasper are Master Funnel GURU's! I wish I'd talked to them ages ago when I first started building my funnels and felt so clueless. They would have saved me a ton of time, trouble and worry, not to mention frustration. Their tips on what really works and how to improve conversions are incredibly valuable and clear. I'm excited at how their insights will improve our conversions AND our bottom line." 

Val Heart The Real Dr Doolittle at

What Are You Waiting For? Stop Leaving Money On The Table.