Read Your Customers Mind

Want to learn how to create products and services your customers can't wait to buy?

Ever work really hard on the "best idea in the world" only to have nobody actually buy it? Or worse, just one or two people buy and you end "losing money" on the time you end up spending for such a small group.

Imagine what it would be like to have a crystal clear picture of your "tribe" and be able to offer them exactly what they want (so you can give them what they need to succeed?)

It used to be that honing in on your audience was something only the "big guys" could afford.  We'll show you how to get a crystal clear portrait without spending a lot of time and money.

During our two session mini- intensive you'll learn how to find your tribe and how to talk to them to find out what they want and need. (And, don't worry - we even have options for introverts). 

During the first session, you'll learn the method.  The second session is  a group coaching session where we'll review what you've done and give you some next steps to complete. 

Learn How To Do Client Research Even if You Are An Introvert

 You don't have to spend hours on the phone talking to clients to get good actionable information. We'll show you how to get started.

Use Social Media for Market Research

Feel like your social media efforts aren't really getting you clients?  We'll show you how to use social media to book effective client-generating conversations.

Crowdsource Your Product

We'll show you how to involve your clients in the product creation process.  Never create a product nobody wants again.

​​​​Get started with your landing page!

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Awesome. How much is this going to cost me?

Until now, the only way to get the tools we're going to share with you was to join our one on one coaching and implementation program for 2K- 5K.

We wanted to try to offer the same material in a group format so we could help more people.  

We are offering this online group coaching experience for just $97

Meredith walked us through a clear, step by step process that solved a problem I have had forever: how to structure my blog posts as a unified whole so they get my message out in a systematic and effective way. Meredith’s feedback on my “blogging map” gave me some very insightful ideas on how to engage my audience on a deeper level. Meredith showed me how to craft my message in a way that educates people and gets them to see the value of what I am offering. Thanks, Meredith!”

Sandra Comacho The Inner Wealth System

Sandra Comancho

The Inner Wealth System

Meet Your Tour Guides

Hi, We're Jasper and Meredith

Meredith Eisenberg and Jasper Blake, are co-founders of Solo Biz Hacker where we help our clients create their ideal lives and businesses by sharing what they already know and love to do, with others. 

Solo Biz Hacker is a start-up lab for people who are passionate making a difference and who want to experience the freedom of entrepreneurship by reaching an audience online, but without the overwhelm and distraction that marketing on the internet can cause.

PLUS, You'll Get These Bonuses...

  • One on One Coaching Call  - You'll get a free 30 minute call to review what you've done and answer any questions
  • Downloadable Market Research Planner + Outreach Email Templates
  • Facebook Group - Get feedback, share plans and more in our private chat group.

Stop Wondering What Your Customers Are Thinking

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Of course, I want to you be happy with the course and with our plan.  If you take the class, and do the work (as evidenced by a completed plan) and still don't feel like the class was a good investment.  I'll refund your money if you contact me within 30 days. 

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