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90 Days to Set the Foundations
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Is this the year that you'll finally create a business that works FOR you? 

You want a business that allows you to use your skills and expertise  while making a good living AND having the freedom to enjoy life.  Getting to that level of success is harder than it seems.  In fact, 90 percent of businesses fail.  

You see people who are wildly successful - but you also know that many people end up investing thousands of dollars in programs they don't complete.  

What's the missing ingredient?

In our 10 years of experience helping people build online businesses and our 100 interviews of successful entrepreneurs on our top rated podcast, we've noticed two things:

1.  The people who ultimately succeed work one on one with a mentor.  Group programs are great - but having the extra accountability of a coach on your side makes all the difference. 

2. They keep it simple.  If you try to do "all the things" - you end up either doing many things badly or just doing nothing.  A mentor can help keep you on track.

Sounds simple... why aren't more people succeeding?

Because investing in mentorship can be out of reach for many beginning entrepreneurs.  They sign up for group programs which cover one area well don't really deliver an overall individualized business plan.   

We created the ESCAPE Plan Web Show to Transform 3 Solo Businesses Through Mentoring With Us and Our Team of Experts.

And, the good news is, because you are sharing YOUR story with our audience, we'll gift your with our signature 90 day coaching program for 50% off the regular price.

Who are Meredith and Jasper?

Meredith and Jasper are co-founders of Solo Biz Hacker,  We help people share what they already know and love to do with others -AND making a good living doing so! 

Jasper and Meredith co-hosted a top rated iTunes podcast - Paycheck To Passion and are authors of  'The Escape Plan: 6 Steps To Leaving The Job You Hate By Creating a Business You Love'. Their mission has always been to help people get it right the first time - the “hack” is to help solopreneurs avoid the rabbit holes, the overwhelm, the wasted years, the spending large amounts of money on the wrong things.  Instead, they hack you straight to a business that works!

"The show aims to inspire those looking to live life 
on their own terms - by helping them to actually do it! "


In addition to getting 90 days of mentorship from us - we've recruited some of best coaches and trainers we know to work with our contestants in specialized areas. 

Our Panel of Experts

          Michele Scism - Sales

Owner of, she is a third generation entrepreneur and expert in online and offline marketing, pricing, revenue projection, sales, team building and much more. Her mantra she learned from her father - “You don’t own a REAL business unless you can go on vacation and it still makes money.”

Carol Verity - Websites/SEO

Carol has been helping her clients "Get" digital for over 20 years. Her business, We Get Digital, based in London UK, has gained a solid reputation in web design & build and she recently pioneered "SocialSEO", a blend of Social Media and SEO that really helps businesses climb up the search engine listings.

Jena Rodriguez - Branding

Jena is a master Brand, Business and Brave Strategist and founder of Brave Masters, Inc. Her commitment is to boosting brand clarity, by helping business owners how to capitalize on their “natural” abilities and package and price their greatest strengths so that they can create a money-making, world-changing brand.

Ellen Finkelstein - Speaking / Presenting / Webinars

In her business, Change The World Marketing, one passion of Ellen's is to help entrepreneurs use presentations and webinars to reach more people.   For us, she is providing expertise and help for those who looking to present live and in person as a speaker, or online via a webinar.

Joan Pelzer - Social Media

Joan is a Femfessional and force to be reckoned with! Joan’s expertise is social media and online engagement, with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small businesses, to a UN-based NGO. She is a dynamic connector with the innate ability to identify, articulate and deploy strategies to optimize a brand.

5 more to be added soon...


Want to Apply To Be A Participant On The Show?​​​​​

Are you:

  • A solopreneur who wants to help others (and make a good living) sharing your expertise online?
  • Willing to share your story (the ups and the downs) with our audience as a web show guest?
  • Coachable - willing to focus (and stick with) the plan we come up with to build your platform? 
  • Are you willing to invest your time and money to make your business a success.  (We are providing our services at half our regular rate for web show participants)?
  • Fun and energetic!  We want people to get to know, like and trust you as they get into your story.  (Though you are getting solid business help - we want to keep our audience entertained and engaged)?

We’ll be there for you every step of the way as you build a marketing platform for your business…

As a web show participant, you’ll get:

  • Master Road Map.  we’ll create a completely customized 90 day marketing plan to map out your exact steps for installing leverage, automation, and delegation into your business so that you can maximize your profits, while minimizing your efforts.
  • Tailored Templates Need help crafting the perfect outreach email? Need a script for that first sales call?  We've got you covered.  We will provide you with examples and templates tailored to YOUR  individual business.
  • Access to Our All Star Panel of Experts. We are recruiting a wide range of experts to provide advice on the show.  We will match you with the resources YOU need to get unstuck and move forward.
  • Results Measurement Dashboard Based on the VIP day, we’ll create a simple dashboard to help you track the results of your marketing efforts.  You’ll never have to wonder what went wrong again. You’ll have the data to stop guessing what works with your audience.

  • Biweekly Results Calls Every two weeks for 90 days, we’ll hop on the phone, analyze your dashboard and tweak the plan to keep the results coming. We’ll be doing three recorded interviews over the 90 days to follow your story.

  • Video Life Saver Coaching - Stuck on technology?  Ask us a question anytime within the 90 days and we’ll shoot you a quick screencast with your answer. Never be stuck on a tech issue again.

  • Exposure. Your business will be highlighted on our web show, on our blog, to our expert panel, etc.

    What is my commitment to the process?
  • We ask a $2500 investment. This investment includes 90 days of access to one on one coaching, access to our expert coaches, and a sponsorship for season 2. (Because you are sharing your story with the world, we are meeting you halfway and giving you a 50% discount on our flagship done with your program.  Payment plans are available.

  • Openness to doing the work. We are here to help you every step of the way.. but the process only works if your work it.  Successful web show contestants will let go of the shiny object syndrome for 90 days and experience amazing results in their business.

How often does an opportunity like this come along?  
If now is not the time to take action - when will be?!   

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