When you go online to look for advice on how to do something in your business,
do you find that there is almost too much advice out there?

And so much of it is contradictory??

Are you currently wondering whether you should be using AI in some way, but dread the thought of yet more tech?!

And all the advice online seems to be based on trying to sell you something??? 

This increases four fold when it comes to advice on how to market your business! 

The problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

How many of us have ended up going down a rabbit hole, spending thousands of dollars on something we find out we don’t even need?

We’ve all been there!

What if you had a group of other solopreneurs you could seek advice from, right when you need it?  And without it costing you an arm and leg to do it?


A low cost community of like-minded peers where YOU can make a difference!

A safe & secure place where you won’t be targeted by advertisers
or have your information sold to a third party.

Put questions to the group anytime
Weekly open-office-hours calls!
Monthly workshops / events!
Access to discounted expert help when you need it.
Access to tools, tool reviews, courses etc.
Create and join Groups that interest you – like our Book Club!
Use the Voice Chat Room to chat to other members.

Each week, you’ll get a summary of the conversation in the group so you don’t have to miss a thing.

You’ll have access to monthly courses – and have the opportunity to give courses (if you would like) to showcase your expertise. 

You’ll be first in line to participate in collaborative projects like bundles and summits.

If you need help with a topic not covered by any other community member, we will use our extensive network to find someone who can answer that question for you.

The community is run by Solo Biz Hacker cofounder, Jasper Blake. With over a decade of experience in the online marketing world, Jasper Blake will be your community guide. Jasper has worked as a coach for an Inc 500 company guiding entrepreneurs who paid tens of thousands of dollars for his expertise. He will be supported my the Solo Biz Hacker team with expertise in LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Copywriting and Social Media. And any expertise that he and his do not have, he will go out and find that expert among the team’s extensive network of contacts.


The key to this process is in developing ‘relationships’ with your prospective clients. I tried about 100 email campaigns without success. The ONLY one that worked for me was the Podcast Invite. Asking someone to be a ‘featured guest’ on YOUR Podcast allows you to build rapport in an authentic way. It’s more organic and comfortable to invite them to see a ‘demo’ of what you offer after the podcast is over. Having Solo Biz Hacker help you create this lead generation process, and then having their ongoing support is extremely valuable. It’s hard when you have to run a business all on your own, so having another marketing-savvy person guiding you and cheering you on is priceless.

Mike Sullivan – Born to Shine