Create Real Relationships with Your Prospects, Effortlessly.

Struggling to build your email list? Overwhelmed by lead pages, autoresponders, and funnels? Tired of spending on tools that don’t deliver?

Your search ends here.

You serve other businesses and are willing to invest in quality leads without wasting your time and money on generating tons of leads who have zero chance of ever purchasing your product. We can help you develop a relationship with your clients before they know they need you. When they are ready, you will be the first person they call.

Our Approach: Building Genuine Connections Over Time

Our team have been helping entrepreneurs to generate leads for over a decade.  We’ve learned that throwing spaghetti at the wall trying a bunch of different approaches is not a long-term way to build your business. 

Forget quick fixes. We specialize in forging lasting relationships, ensuring your prospects know, like, and trust you before they’ve even spoken to you. Through consistent warm email outreach, we nurture your leads over time, guaranteeing a constant flow of new prospects. This is critical if you want to get off the cash flow roller coaster of having to start over with your marketing each time your contracts with your current clients ends.

Why Lead Generation Doesn’t Work

It is very easy to find plenty of information on how to attract clients and generate leads.  It is harder to find information that works. 

Pricey programs promise the moon and often don’t deliver because they are either too complicated or they are not a good fit for your professional business that’s built on serving clients you know, like and trust.

Our Solution: Let us create a consistent sales pipeline for your business

How does 2-3 new clients per month sound? By leveraging LinkedIn, we connect you with ideal B2B prospects, initiating 20 connections daily. With an average acceptance rate of 20-30%, we then engage these prospects through strategic email nurturing, employing our Audio Spotlight system for an added personal touch.

  • 100 new LinkedIn connections monthly
  • 8-10 calls per month
  • 2-3 new clients per month (based on your closing rate)

Who Benefits from Our Service

  • B2B entrepreneurs seeking quality prospects or referral partners.
  • Businesses where the high lifetime value of clients justifies the investment in our service.

Not Suitable For

  • B2C businesses with a different marketing model.
  • New startups without the budget for done-for-you services.
  • Businesses with a low client lifetime value.

Why Us?

With over 50 years of combined experience in B2B lead generation, including work for an Inc 500 company, we’re experts at what we do. Come meet our team! Our unique Audio Spotlight technique (example) offers your prospects valuable publicity, building instant rapport and positioning you as an influential figure in your industry without resorting to self-promotion.

Ready to Transform Your Lead Generation?

Let’s talk. Embark on a journey of effortless lead generation and watch your business thrive.

We can offer both completely done-for-you services where every month we send you a list of new people who want to talk to you; or we can help you set up your own system that you or an assistant then manage yourselves.

Either way, because this system is not for everyone, we always start with an application form followed by a call with you if we feel you are a right fit for this process.