The economy is quickly dividing us into two camps – what we refer to as the Owners (people who can sell their specialized skills) and the Taken (people who feel they have no choice but to submit to harsher work environments and lower pay because they feel they have no choice).

We believe that there is still time to land on the right side of this divide. We started our Paycheck to Passion Podcast to help tell the stories of those who have created passionate businesses from their passions in order to inspire people who still haven’t taken that first step.

We’ve interviewed over a hundred entrepreneurs, and although each story is unique, we learned they all have common threads running through them. Those threads form the weave that makes passion-based businesses work. By reading this book, and applying what you learn, you can save months (or even years) of trial and error by discovering the pitfalls in advance and implementing tried and tested strategies that work for entrepreneurs of all kinds and types.

What to expect from this book

The chapters in this book contain your E.S.C.A.P.E. Plan –

  • escaping from a job or work that is unfulfilling;
  • escaping from an economy that gives you no opportunity to be creative or to succeed on your terms;
  • creating a step-by-step system for creating a passion-based business that works for you and that you will love

Each chapter contains a story from one of our podcast guests, some practical action steps and tips from people who’ve been there, done that, and have not only got the tee-shirt, but are probably selling their own! If they’ve done it, so can you!

E = Explore – What should you be doing, or not doing, as a business – what will work for you?
S = Serve – who are the people your business will serve – who will be happy to pay for your product or service?
C = Create – Your product or service, and the platform through which people can find you and buy from you.
A = Amplify – How get yourself known in the wider world so you can reach more customers.
P = Perfect – How you can perfect your processes and systems so you can serve more customers.
E = Expand – How you can leverage your business beyond what you can do yourself.

Start from the beginning

Even if you have been in business for a while, we recommend that you start from the beginning when going through the processes in this book. You never know how a small tweak (especially at the foundations of your business) can manifest into some major growth or revenue improvements.

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