June 19

June 19, 2024

Today, Meredith is spotlighting Ellen Finkelstein. She’s a long time friend, mentor and fellow online entrepreneur who helps experts get their knowledge out to the world through profitable email marketing, and clear, powerful presentations.

Ellen started her first website in 1999, which is 25 years ago, while her kids were still young and she could run the business from home while raising her kids. She originally started writing ‘for dummys’ type computer books on subjects like AutoCAD and PowerPoint.

She first attracted clients through blogging about those subjects. Her breakthrough was finding that she could sell her own books to the email list she created through those blog posts. That eventually led her to start teaching experts who had knowledge that they wanted to get out to the world, how to build an online business through building and email list and selling online products to them, just like Ellen had.

Hear about Ellen’s secret strategy that has really grown her business and her list in the last few years – what works in email marketing, and what doesn’t – AND her predictions for the future of online marketing!

If you want to find out more about Ellen and her work you can connect with her on LinkedIn, or visit her website at changetheworldmarketing.com