January 18

January 18, 2024

LinkedIn has a bit of a reputation for being an anti-automation networking platform. In the past decade, I’ve been many “time-saving, automating” programs come and go. Clients get excited about the latest “bot” only to have their LinkedIn account shut down. Yet, AI shows a lot of promise in being able to help you find and and nurture your prospects on LinkedIn.

In this post, I’ll highlight some promising AI tools to assist you with your LinkedIn prospecting.

Using AI to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is pretty much “everything” when it comes to your success on the platform. Prospects will decide to connect with you or not based on the profile – especially your photo and headline. Can AI help? I tried out a few options…

First, I uploaded a pdf of my profile to Resume Worded. Since I help people with LinkedIn – I expected my profile to do better than the 55 it scored. Part of the low score was due to the fact that Resume Worded seems to be geared toward helping people find jobs on LinkedIn rather than clients. While there are similarities, your about section reads differently if you are mainly promoting your business :). Also, many of the features were paid. The subscription costs $33 a quarter. Inexpensive compared to a resume writer… but this might be a case of you get what you pay for 🙂

Next, I tried going directly to the source using Chat GPT directly. I used a prompt originally published on the Orbit Media blog.

You are a personal branding expert, skilled at crafting LinkedIn profiles and resume cover letters. The following is a LinkedIn headline and About section for [NAME]. Your goal is to improve this profile.Suggest 5 alternative LinkedIn headlines of no more than 220 characters each that are both memorable and keyword-rich. Consider incorporating a unique value proposition and professional specialty.Then write a draft of a new, improved LinkedIn About section of no less than 2500 characters. Focus on structuring it with a clear narrative, showcasing achievements with quantifiable results, and including a call to action.

The original result was a bit underwhelming. I asked Chat GPT to tweak the writing style a bit and it came up with a pretty decent first draft. It’s not all the way there… but it certainly got me thinking about parts of my background that I hadn’t included…

Using AI to Connect with Engage

Successfully networking on LinkedIn is about more than having an engaging profile. It’s about finding connections and then engaging them through content and comments.

Automating Initial Outreach: This is an area where there is huge potential to save time but also a danger that LinkedIn will shut down your account. Before setting up an auto-connection program, you need to make sure that the connections are being made slowly (less than 20) per day. I recommend Zopto for automating your connection campaigns. The software takes care of the basics well and can make connections and get the emails for those connections for you. Zopto also gives you a dashboard with statistics on who is responding to your connection requests by industry.

Engaging with Content Smartly: AI doesn’t just assist in direct messaging; it also can help you engage with other people’s content. I tried a free extension called Social Magic . Social Magic made it easy to add comments to posts. But, the language wan’t quite right. Still, it did give me some great ideas for meaningful comments.

Scheduling for Maximum Impact: AI tools can also determine the optimal times for posting content and engaging with your network. By analyzing engagement patterns and audience activity, they ensure your content and interactions occur when they’re most likely to be noticed.

Incorporating these AI-driven messaging and engagement strategies into your LinkedIn routine allows you to maintain a strong, active presence. This approach not only enhances the quality of your interactions but also ensures your time on LinkedIn is spent efficiently and effectively.

Using AI to Find Your Ideal Prospects On LinkedIn

The true power of networking lies in connecting with the right people. AI is transforming this aspect of LinkedIn by helping you identify and reach out to key contacts who can make a real difference in your professional journey.

Strategic Connection Suggestions: Advanced AI tools, such as NetworkAI by Wonsulting, analyze your profile, skills, and existing network to recommend the most beneficial connections. These suggestions are based on shared interests, industry relevance, and potential for meaningful collaboration. This targeted approach ensures that each new connection adds value to your network. You can try it for free. When I did I noticed that the analysis was better suited to people looking for a job vs entrepreneurs looking for connections.

Identifying Opportunities Through Data Analysis: AI algorithms are adept at processing vast amounts of data to uncover hidden opportunities. They can identify trending topics, emerging industry leaders, and potential partners who align with your business goals. This level of analysis was once a daunting task for solopreneurs but is now made accessible and actionable through AI.

Personalized Networking Strategies: AI doesn’t just stop at suggesting connections; it also helps in developing personalized strategies to engage with these contacts. For instance, tools like Phantombuster can automate personalized outreach campaigns, ensuring that your introductions are well-received and stand out.

Maintaining Active Engagement with Key Contacts: Keeping up with a growing network can be challenging. AI tools assist in prioritizing interactions, reminding you to follow up with important contacts, and suggesting content that might be of interest to them. This ongoing engagement keeps your relationships active and meaningful, helping to build a solid network over time.

By leveraging AI in these ways, you can transform the often overwhelming task of networking into a streamlined, strategic process. It’s not just about growing your network in numbers, but in value and quality, paving the way for genuine professional growth and opportunities.

Ethical Considerations and LinkedIn Policies When Using AI

As we embrace the benefits of AI in LinkedIn networking, it’s crucial to navigate this space with a keen awareness of ethical considerations and platform policies. AI offers incredible advantages, but using it responsibly ensures that our networking remains genuine and respectful.

Adhering to LinkedIn’s Policies: LinkedIn has specific guidelines on the use of automated tools. It’s important to choose AI tools that comply with these policies to avoid potential issues like account restrictions. Always review LinkedIn’s terms of service and ensure that any AI tool you use aligns with their guidelines.

The Balance Between Automation and Authenticity: While AI can streamline many aspects of networking, it’s vital to maintain a personal touch. Over-reliance on automation can lead to impersonal interactions that detract from the authenticity of your connections. Use AI as a tool to enhance, not replace, your personal engagement with your network.

Privacy and Data Security: When using AI tools, be mindful of privacy and data security. Ensure that any tool you use respects the privacy of your connections and adheres to data protection laws. It’s not just about protecting your information but also maintaining the trust of those in your network.

Ethical Networking Practices: Lastly, ethical networking involves more than just adhering to rules; it’s about respecting the human element in professional relationships. AI should be used to augment your networking efforts, allowing you to connect and engage more effectively, not to manipulate or spam others.

By considering these ethical aspects and LinkedIn policies, you ensure that your use of AI in networking remains respectful, effective, and aligned with professional standards. This approach not only safeguards your reputation but also enhances the quality of your professional relationships.

Are you using AI in your LinkedIn outreach efforts? What’s working well for you right now?

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