January 29

January 29, 2024

When I tell people that I help entrepreneurs get more leads via LinkedIn – and their eyes immediately glaze over…

LinkedIn reminds me a bit of the smart and unpopular kid who people don’t really notice but who ends up becoming a billionaire running a giant tech company. LinkedIn may not be as “fun” as Instagram or TikTok, but it is very powerful.

With over 700,000 users looking for professional connections, LinkedIn is a sleeper powerhouse. Over 80% of business executives check the site semi regularly for business reasons, If you are selling to other businesses, you can’t beat LinkedIn for finding prospects. I have clients who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars following up with connections they made on the platform. The key to success is using the platform as a business person rather than someone looking for a job. Here are some quick tips to stand out as a business on LinkedIn.

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

This is the most important step to finding the right prospects on LinkedIn. Your profile is your “office” on LinkedIn so make it the best it can be. Create a headline that speaks to how you can help your prospect. “We help (your prospect) to (what you do) so they can (why it matters). Pair that with a photo that focuses on your face and a banner and you are off to a great start. Also, don’t forget to use your about section… to highlight more about your business. For more profile optimization tips, check out our profile optimization workshop.

Find and Connect with Your Perfect Prospects and Partners

Expanding your network strategically is crucial to broaden your reach on LinkedIn. Connect with professionals from within your industry who align with your target audience as well as potential clients or customers who could benefit from what you have to offer.

And, don’t forget to connect with the people who are already influencers in your niche. Engage with their content by liking, commenting or sharing their posts regularly – this will help you establish meaningful connections while expanding your visibility among your current and future tribe members.

Create and Share Valuable Content

Content is the currency of social media. Sharing relevant and value-packed content is key to positioning yourself as an authority in your field on LinkedIn.

Publish articles addressing industry insights or trends; provide actionable tips or advice that resonate with your target audience’s needs; share informative resources related to your niche area of expertise. Ask questions or add polls to increase engagement.

By consistently providing high-quality content through regular updates, you’ll build credibility, trust, and engagement among your connections. Don’t forget to search for popular hashtags and use them in your posts to increase visibility.

Engage in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups offer a unique platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and share ideas. Joining relevant groups within your industry provides an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who can become valuable connections or even potential clients.

Participate actively in group discussions by offering insights, answering questions, and sharing resources. Establish yourself as a thought leader by providing valuable input – this will not only expand your network but also enhance your professional reputation.

If you use Sales Navigator, you can also find fellow members of groups you already belong to. Sending connection requests to group members increases the chances of someone accepting your request because you already have something in common.

Leverage LinkedIn Company Pages

Creating a dedicated LinkedIn Company Page is essential for showcasing your business’s products or services. Regularly update the page with relevant content such as company news and industry insights. Use the page to interact with followers by responding promptly to comments or messages.
With consistent effort, you’ll be able to build brand awareness while driving traffic towards your website or landing pages effectively. Remember that a company page is in addition to your personal profile. If you have to choose one or the other, your personal page is more important because people connect with other people – not with pages.

Personalize Your Outreach

When reaching out to potential leads or connections on LinkedIn don’t just rely on generic templates; personalize each message according to their needs and interests.

Demonstrate genuine understanding of what they are looking for in order to explain how your products or services can benefit them directly.

By taking the time for personalized outreach efforts ,you show others that their individual needs matter — ultimately increasing the likelihood of building long-lasting relationships from which both parties can benefit immensely.

Be careful tho, not to put too much in your outreach message. Keep it simple and give just enough information to arouse curiosity so people will connect to learn more.

Ask for and Give Recommendations

Building social proof is crucial for enhancing your credibility on LinkedIn. Seek recommendations from satisfied clients or colleagues who can vouch for the quality of your work.

Additionally, take the time to provide recommendations to business owners within your network as well. This act of reciprocity strengthens relationships while also encouraging others to return the favor by providing recommendations for your business – ultimately boosting both parties’ professional reputations.

Analyze and Refine Your Strategy

Regularly reviewing and analyzing the performance of your LinkedIn marketing efforts is essential for continuous improvement.

Utilize LinkedIn analytics tools that provide insights into engagement levels, reach metrics and demographics related to your target audience’s preferences.

The thing that marks those who succeed in marketing from those who don’t is the ability to stay fairly consistent with a strategy while paying attention to those numbers. Keep making small tweaks, getting better results each time. In time, you’ll have a solid and successful LinkedIn strategy.


LinkedIn offers immense potential when it comes to driving success through effective marketing strategies. By implementing theseproven techniques which include optimizing profiles strategically building relevant networks engaging in groups maximizing company pages using advertisements personalized outreach utilizing live video broadcasts seeking & providing recommendations as well as regularly refining one’s strategy —you’ll be able unlock its full power!

Meredith Eisenberg is the chief hacker at Solo Biz Hacker. She has almost a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs grow their communities using LinkedIn.

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