October 16

October 16, 2023

Kim Sheahan is a coach and hypnotherapist who helps female professionals and women business owners break free from the shackles of money guilt and shame. Kim’s unique blend of expertise as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and hypnotherapist enables her to guide her clients towards financial empowerment and integrity. In this interview, Kim shares insights into her journey, her ideal clients, success stories, and the future of the coaching industry.

Why Kim Started Her Business:
Kim’s journey towards her current business began when she faced a chronic illness during her years as a CPA tax professional. Hypnotherapy played a crucial role in her healing process, leading her to change careers and become a hypnotherapist herself. Combining her financial expertise with her newfound passion for hypnotherapy, Kim recognized the need to address money-related issues that are often shrouded in shame and fear. She aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding money and empower individuals to achieve financial success while maintaining their integrity.

Finding Clients:
Kim primarily relies on referrals to find clients, as well as networking within her local community. Occasionally, individuals discover her through online searches related to the subconscious mind. By being present and active in her community, Kim has built a strong reputation and attracts clients who resonate with her unique approach.

A Powerful Success Story:
One of Kim’s most rewarding experiences involved a woman who despised her job and had been suffering from severe depression and neck pain for years. Through their sessions together, the client regained her motivation and started applying for new jobs. By the fourth session, she had secured a new job, quit her previous one, and embarked on a journey towards a healthier, happier work environment. Not only did her physical health improve, but her husband also expressed gratitude for getting his wife back. Kim’s guidance helped the client realize her worth and negotiate a fair salary, leading to a transformative change in her life.

Biggest Business Wins:
While Kim couldn’t recall a specific big win, she emphasized the significance of signing her first major client. This achievement boosted her confidence and reinforced her belief in her own value. Additionally, she is excited about the upcoming launch of her course, which represents a culmination of her efforts and will undoubtedly be a significant win for her business.

Hurdles and Lessons Learned:
Kim acknowledges the ongoing challenge of confronting her inner world as a business owner. Overcoming self-imposed limitations and negative beliefs has been a crucial lesson for her. She emphasizes the importance of doing personal work to be effective in helping clients. By challenging preconceptions and embracing her own power, she has learned to create her own rules and achieve remarkable results.

The Quest for Consistency:
Kim’s current focus is on achieving consistency in her energy and workflow. Recognizing her natural tendency for longer cycles of consistency, she aims to find her own rhythm and resist the pressure to conform to others’ expectations. Embracing her unique flow allows her to tap into her full potential and deliver exceptional results for her clients.

The Future of Coaching:
Kim envisions the coaching industry evolving into a higher level of intuitive teaching and healing. Traditional healing systems often fall short, and more people are turning to coaches for support. The coaching space is expanding beyond business structures, becoming a place for holistic healing and personal development. Coaches who have embarked on their own healing journeys can guide clients through transformative experiences, fostering collective growth and empowerment.

A Message to the World:
If Kim had the world’s attention for five minutes, she would remind everyone that they already possess the innate wisdom to know what they need. The key lies in building trust and following through on that inner knowing. Trusting oneself is a powerful tool for personal and financial growth.

Kim’s journey from CPA tax professional to hypnotherapist and coach exemplifies the power of personal transformation. By helping her clients overcome money guilt and shame, she empowers them to achieve financial success while maintaining their integrity. Through her unique blend of expertise, Kim is making a significant impact in the lives of women professionals and business owners. To learn more about Kim and her transformative work, visit her website focusedhealing.net or find her on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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