September 22

September 22, 2023

Solopreneurs can get easily get overwhelmed with the financial aspects of starting a business. There is a lot of information to digest and it’s easier to focus on getting and helping clients…
However, having a solid understanding of your business finances is crucial for making informed decisions and driving growth. That’s where Devon Nestor, the founder of Book to Balance, steps in. In this interview, we dive into Devin’s journey as a number nerd turned bookkeeping expert and how she is helping business owners create balance and gain financial clarity

Devon started Book to Balance with a mission to make the financial side of businesses more approachable and easier to manage. She understands the challenges that business owners face when it comes to handling their finances and aims to be a resource they can count on. By partnering with her clients, Devon and her team provide bookkeeping services that go beyond crunching numbers. They help business owners understand their financial processes, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve their goals.

From Personal Experience to Passion:
Devon’s passion for bookkeeping stems from her personal experience as a business owner. When her husband started a business, they found themselves lost in the financial aspects of running it. Feeling isolated and lacking resources, Devon took it upon herself to learn everything she could about bookkeeping, accounting, and finance. To her surprise, she discovered that she enjoyed the puzzle-like nature of working with numbers. This newfound passion led her to help other business owners navigate the financial challenges they face.

Building Relationships and Finding Clients:
Networking plays a significant role in her client acquisition strategy. She actively engages with fellow business owners, listening to their stories, understanding their goals, and building relationships. Whether it’s through networking events or vendor conferences, Devon enjoys connecting with others and discussing their aspirations. Additionally, many of her clients come from referrals, a testament to the value she provides and the trust she has earned within her network.

The Tipping Point of Financial Clarity:
One of Devon’s greatest accomplishments is witnessing her clients reach a tipping point where they transition from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their business’s financial health to gaining control and clarity. This clarity empowers them to use their financial information as a tool for decision-making and confidently steer their businesses in the right direction. Devon believes that achieving this tipping point is transformative and strives to help all her clients experience it.

Overcoming Hurdles and Embracing Collaboration:
Devon’s journey as a business owner also taught her the importance of collaboration and seeking help when needed. She realized that she couldn’t excel at every aspect of her business and that seeking assistance from experts in certain areas was crucial. By assembling a team and leveraging the strengths of others, She was able to overcome hurdles and focus on what she does best. This realization has allowed her to provide better services to her clients while fostering a sense of community and support within the business world.

The Future of Online Marketing and Building Authentic Relationships:
When discussing the future of online marketing, Devon emphasizes the importance of building authentic relationships. While technology continues to evolve rapidly, she believes that maintaining a human connection and genuinely caring about clients and their businesses will remain paramount. In a world where automation has become prevalent, Devon highlights the significance of personalized interactions and the value of connecting with others on a deeper level. Building relationships, both personally and professionally, has the power to create opportunities, foster growth, and drive success.

Course Creation and Continuous Learning:
Devon is currently working on creating a course as an alternative solution for business owners who may not be ready to hire a bookkeeper. This initiative reflects her commitment to providing valuable resources and ongoing support to entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journeys. By expanding her offerings, Devin aims to empower a broader audience and help them gain financial clarity, even if they aren’t ready for full bookkeeping services.

If you are a business owner seeking financial clarity and a partner to help you navigate the complexities of bookkeeping, reach out to Devon Nestor and the team at Book to Balance. With their expertise and genuine care for your success, they can guide you towards achieving your goals and finding balance in your business.

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Meredith Eisenberg

Meredith Eisenberg - CoFounder and lead solo biz hacker - I love to scour the internet for new strategies and ideas - and then experiment to see which ideas really work. I am tech nerd when it comes to marketing!

For the past 15 years, I have been helping entrepreneurs tame the tech overwhelm and create businesses that works for them. From basic strategy to simplifying funnels, to building relationships, I’ve done it all.

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