January 12

January 12, 2016

Are you a member of more than one team? If you are, you probably are getting your to do’s from more than one “collaborative workspace”.  I have tasks in Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and ToDoIst.

With all of those lists, it is really hard to figure out what you actually have to do. And, it is even harder to remember to check the tasks off when you are done.

Making a Taco of Your Tasks

Enter Taco 🙂 Taco is a free app that puts all of your tasks from all of your different to do lists in one place. You can check it out here: https://tacoapp.com/

The thing that I really like about Taco is it has filters so that you can see exactly the tasks that you want to see. Leaving the tasks unfiltered in one giant list can get a bit overwhelming.

Taco also allows you to embed our own links and widgets. I have a widget with my calendar on my taco app page as well as links to pages that I visit often. Taco creates a mini-Kanban for you where you can pull tasks across as you are working on them.


Watching the Sunrise


If you are less of a list person, and like calendars better – Sunrise – http://sunrise.am will also put in all of your tasks and add them to your calendar (but they need to be due on a specific day to show up).

Sunrise helpfully creates links back to each of the tasks on the calendar so that you can go back to the original task list when when finished and check off the task. And, unlike taco.app, Sunrise is available across platforms. There is a desktop app, and ios app, a Facebook app and of course, it integrates with all things Windows (Sunrise was recently acquired by Microsoft).

Do you work on multiple teams? How do you wrangle your tasks? Leave your answer in the comments section and let us know.

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