April 16

April 16, 2024

Welcome to another of our Audio Spotlights where today we are talking to Gareth Strangemore-Jones.

Gareth is the Clinical Psychotherapist & Brain Gym Coach at his business – the Alchemy Life Therapy Online clinic for Elite Athletes & Business Executives. Although he is based in Cardiff, Wales – my old stomping ground, it doesn’t matter because all his services are now online, from psychotherapy, to hypnotherapy, to sports & stage performance, life coaching, NLP and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Like a lot of businesses that have moved to working online, COVID was the cause of Gareth’s move as it wiped out his traditional, in-person practice, although he was thinking about moving online even before COVID.  And the outcomes for his patients are just as good online as they were in person – and now he get’s to work with people all over the world!

Interestingly, in Gareth’s previous life as a journalist, he was involved in the press launch of Microsoft’s Windows XP and it’s associated VOIP technology which, of course, is the very technology that has allowed him to build and thrive in his online business.

There’s a lot of great information here about the interrelation between mental health and stress, anxiety, depression, fear, etc and the field of epigenetics and how stress and other factors can trigger genetic predispositions.

And in a very kind gesture to our audience, Gareth is offering a 20% discount on his services!   To book with 20% discount for Solobizhacker community members and audience, call 02921 409218 or click here – https://app.10to8.com/book/zrwbgooeomwhzbimkc/1934481

If you want to find out more about Gareth and his work you can connect with him on LinkedIn, or visit his Website at alchemylifetherapy.com

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