April 9

April 9, 2024

Today, Jasper is spotlighting Kira Sjöberg. Kira is the Cofounder of recently founded Goodin which is based in Finland, and helps to build a bridge between business leaders and data. Data, she says, is the graveyard of lost business opportunities, and the aim of her and her team is help people get the most out of their company’s data. How to collect the information, how to use it – and, most importantly, how to get leadership into that equation.

The digital revolution in business has been massive in the last 20 years. But they recognized a gap between the huge amount of data available and the business leaders who have to understand it and make use of it.

Kira  describes herself as an “old-school marketing person” who grew up in the time of traditional ways of marketing services and products. Data and numbers don’t come naturally to her. And that is the same for a lot of leaders in big companies with a lot of data. What her company does is translate that language, and those opportunities, into something they can understand in everyday business terms. It is essentially a very specific leadership communications problem that they are addressing.  It is a whole different mindset to understand data and the opportunities of that data.

Drawing on a large ecosystem of experts, they can draw on expertise in terms of cyber security, regulatory and ethical considerations of AI and data usage that is part of that necessary framework of understanding that business leaders really need.

You can connect with Kira on LinkedIn, or learn more about her company, Goodin, on their website.

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