April 9

April 9, 2024

Today, Jasper spotlights Karl Becker who is a Sales Performance Consultant, Coach, Author, and Speaker, using his 30 years of experience to inspire salespeople and show them how to use their strengths to connect with their customers and achieve amazing sales results.

Karl explains how he has learned to collaborate and co-create with his team to create a replicable model that works with different individuals.

He emphasizes the power of peer groups in bringing people with similar roles together to share and learn. Peer groups can be internal within a company or include people from different companies.

When it comes to marketing, he emphasizes the importance of telling the accurate, true story of the company’s value and maintaining consistency in the sales story.

He developed the concept of Iceberg Selling (see the link to his website and book on the subject below), which focuses on the need to understand the underlying needs and problems of the customer, and the importance of building rapport and trust with the customer by understanding their wants, needs, and problems.

And hear Karl’s 5 minute message to the world!

If you would like to find out more about Karl and his work you can connect with him on LinkedIn, or visit his websites –  improvingsalesperformance.com and www.icebergselling.com

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Jasper Blake

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