February 8

February 8, 2016

Did you watch last night’s big game? I didn’t. Despite my efforts to learn to love football in high school and college, I never have been able to get into it. I used to watch the Super Bowl *just* for the ads, but now I don’t have to do that any more since the ads are available online in advance.

According to Google, leaking your ad in advance of the Super Bowl will create buzz in advance and make the ad more effective overall. By the time the Super Bowl aired on Sunday, the top ads already had 166M views on YouTube.

So, if I’m such a football hater, why am I writing about the Super Bowl ads. I’m writing because there is a lesson to be learned here. People need to see something 12 – 15 times before it sinks in. Why not give people a sneak peek of what you are planning before the actual event. If you are running a webinar, do a few clips in advance and send them to your list. If you are planning a big launch, show your work. Let people see the launch in development. When you get around to launching, the trust will be built because your prospects will feel like they already
know you and what the launch is about.

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