August 6

August 6, 2021

Get long term traffic to your site with Pinterest

A few years ago, my husband and I took a trip in a camper van up the Pacific Coast Highway in California. It was the perfect #roadlife instagram friendly vacation. I was stunned by beautiful vistas – but also by the “made for Instagram” stops where people were more or less lining up to get the perfect shot. I thought – I *never* would be able to make this work for my business. I am just not all that photogenic 🙂

So, I spend my time mostly on Facebook, on LinkedIn and on Twitter… the only place I haven’t been much is Pinterest… but that is about to change.

I’m a member of Affiliate Triad and the first month I joined, they were promoting a class on Pinterest. I decided to learn more. Before I jump into what exactly I’ve learned… they are doing the class again and it’s worth your time. You can register here:

How We Drove 168K+ Targeted Buyers To Our Website With Pinterest 

Pinterest encourages people to leave their site

The goal of Facebook is to get people to stay on Facebook. Twitter allows links, but they really want you to follow the threads and comment on the site.

The whole culture of Pinterest is linking AWAY from their site.  In fact, in this training you’ll discover how to link directly from Pinterest to your sales pages, opt-in pages, ecommerce listings, affiliate offers and blogs and/ or podcasts.  

Literally, with Pinterest, you can generate traffic and send it to just about anywhere you want. 

Pinterest reaches people who are already interested in your offer

Most platforms are bigger than Pinterest. For example, Instagram absolutely does have a larger number of people on the platform when compared with Pinterest.  

Instagram has about 1 Billion users, versus the 250 Million on Pinterest.  

But who cares when Instagram makes it extremely difficult to get clicks?  

Volume of traffic means nothing unless YOU are benefiting.  And the way Pinterest is set up, it can generate targeted clicks from people who are already interested in your niche or subject matter and many of them have a high buyer intent.  (You’ll learn how easy it is to tap into this in this week’s special training!)

Pinterest is the Social Media That Keeps on Giving

According to an article on WebFX, who crunched the numbers on the longevity of social media posts, they found… 

The half life of a Tweet is 24 minutes.

The half life of a Facebook post is 90 minutes. 

The half life of a LinkedIn post is 24 hours.

The half life of an Instagram post is 48 hours. 

The half life of a Pinterest pin is 3 ½ months!

In fact, our presenters have had pins that have driven traffic to their website for over 7 years!

Their experience will show that you get the most benefit (in traffic), from the least amount of effort posting – aka pinning – on Pinterest.

Pinterest Users Are Future Buyers

When people browse Instagram or Facebook they’re often there to explore a bit, look at their friends or artists profiles, and they generally go there to relax. On LinkedIn, people are looking for a job. On Twitter, they are picking a fight 🙂

So it’s very much a “personal brand” kind of platform… think of your Kim Kardashians of the world.  

Pinterest, on the other hand, is where people start planning to do things. 

They make shopping lists, save pins for future purchases, and can easily be taken to other websites. 

If you have a personal brand and don’t really plan to sell anything other than that, then Instagram may be better for you.

If you sell any kind of physical products, training programs or have a business you’d rather promote, then Pinterest is your best bet and you’ll discover how easy it is, during our training this week:

How We Drove 168K+ Targeted Buyers To Our Website With Pinterest 

If you go the training, let me know how it goes… and check out my cool online marketing infographics board here.

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